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WELCOME TO Blenheim Podiatry.

Being in pain is no fun, and neither is not being able to do the things you want to. We like nothing better than to put a smile on your face and to sort the problem that is slowing you down and get you back on your feet.
We are really proud of our fine clinic in town and we have the latest equipment so we can treat you professionally and in comfort – because we love what we do and we take your foot health seriously.
At Blenheim Podiatry our focus is to provide an efficient and effective solution, which will keep you active and comfortable. If you are unsure what is wrong with your feet, our team provides a full foot assessment to identify issues, treat the cause to ensure your feet stay healthy and keep you on the move.

Why Visit Blenheim Podiatry?

If you are experiencing problems with your feet but not sure what to do, our experienced team will explain your issue and have you at ease. Our team and treatments cater for the individual and everything that relates to podiatry in any form. From infant to aged, weekend athlete to professional player. The team is highly experienced in modern practices, the latest research and has a combined experience of over 35 years.
Our Services include:


Prescription of corrective foot orthotics (to fit sports and/or fashion shoes)

Training Advice

Advice on appropriate strength or stretching requirements, and training programs

Biomechanical causes of pain

Do you suffer from back pain, hip pain, knee pain, leg pain, ankle pain or foot pain? We may be able to help.

Footwear Advice

Advice on each person’s specific requirements in running shoes / football boots and other sporting footwear, as well as dress and casual shoes.

High Risk Feet

Diabetes and other chronic conditions can have a detrimental affect on your feet. See us for advice and treatment for Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis and more.

Foot & ankle disorders

Treatment of foot and ankle disorders including skin and nail conditions

Meet the team

Matthew Franken

Matthew qualified as a Podiatrist in 2001 and has been practising Podiatry ever since. He has worked in Christchurch for 5 years, privately and publicly and then spent 2 years in a rural Australian hospital. Matthew and Kate moved to Blenheim in 2007, taking over the establish Wairau Podiatry, turning it into Blenheim Podiatry in April 2014. Matthew is a keen sports man and has a strong interest in biomechanics and orthotics, as well as nail surgery.

Matthew is currently completing his Podiatry NZ Sports Competencies course. This leads Blenheim Podiatry to being an accredited Sports Podiatry Clinic, the only one in Blenheim.

Kate Franken

Kate qualified as a Podiatrist in 2001. She works at Blenheim Podiatry, as well as doing a lot of Blenheim Podiatry’s work outside their clinic. Kate and Matthew have 2 young boys, who can often been seen (and heard around the clinic). Kate has always been self-employed as a Podiatrist, in Christchurch, Australia and now Blenheim.

Kate looks after the daily management of Blenheim Podiatry practice but loves when she is able to treat clients.

Alhana Clendon

Alhana qualified as a podiatrist in 2016. Alhana is a born and bred Cantabrian. She has settled in Blenheim and pleased to be back in the South Island. Alhana’s wants to give all her clients the best outcomes and minimise pain in everyday life.

Alhana has developed an understanding of the importance of foot health for each individual, and the significance of creating a patient-centred treatment plan to care for each client’s individual needs. She is experienced in treating many common foot injuries and conditions. Alhana assesses, treats and educates each person and cross-refers with general practitioners and other health professionals to formulate the best possible outcome for the patient. In her spare time Alhana enjoys hiking, reading, and travelling.


Courtney Fuller

Courtney has recently joined Blenheim Podiatry and she will be your first point of contact, from booking appointments to helping with any enquires you may have.
Her friendly face and welcoming manner is a true asset to Blenheim Podiatry and Courtney is enjoying the contact with a wide range of clients and variety of work.

Courtney offers a personal, warm and professional service to all of our clients. From making appointments, to completing client enrolment forms and organising everything in-between, she is without a doubt the glue that holds Blenheim Podiatry together, with a lovely smile!

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