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Orthotics or orthotic devices are podiatric medical devices placed into your footwear designed specifically to improve foot & lower limb function and designed to treat biomechanical disorders and foot pain.

Correctly fitted orthotics will realign your feet and ankle bones to their neutral position and correct these anomalies. This will help alleviate painful symptoms not only in the feet but in other parts of your body, such as knee pain, shin pain, heel pain, and lower back pain.

The orthotics may be flexible, non-flexible, light or heavy in composition. They are prescribed by the podiatrist depending on your needs after assessing foot and lower limb function including biomechanical assessment, footwear assessment and gait analysis.

Common biomechanical faults during walking or running include: Excessive pronation, over supination, ankle instability, pelvic tilt, leg length discrepancies, and unusual walking/running pattern

Our Blenheim Podiatry podiatrists can prescribe many different types of orthotics depending on your needs and budget.

A range of Orthotics are available to suit every need and budget:

  • Cushioning
  • Pressure relief
  • Semi-custom made
  • Custom-made